February 2008

Important Photographic Equipment

February 14 – March 5, 2008

Most of the Leica highlights in the auction come from an American private collector. Included in this group are MP-157, the first Summitar * lens s/n 812242, Norman Goldberg model 5, No. 9 Prototype motor, IIIcK gray with MOOLY C motor, Dial Set Compur, many war time cameras and lenses, Elmar Heer 3.5cm f3.5 lens, New York X-ray with Xenon lens, Hektor 12cm f2.5 prototype, several M cameras with NY motors and a Stemar outfit.

Highlights from other private collectors include a Nikon Nikkor F Motor Drive F250 Black, Nikon F for testing, Seiki-Kogaku Canon S-II Chrome, MPP Micro Technical and several Antique box cameras.

James A. Lager, noted Leica historian and the author of authoritative volumes on Leica cameras, lenses and their accessories is acting as special consultant for the auction. Sherry Krauter, of Golden Touch Camera Repair, a highly regarded Leica technician is also acting as a consultant for the auction. If you would like to contact Sherry for any service related estimate please e-mail her at krauter@warwick.net or visit her website at www.sherrykrauter.com

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