May 2005

Important Photographic Equipment
From the Private Collection of the Late James A. Collins, Jr.

May 18th – June 9th

Everard & Company is pleased to present the second in a series of auctions of Important Photographic Equipment from the Private Collection of the Late James A. Collins, Jr.

Mr. Collins, an American industrial engineer who lived most of his adult life in Asia, had a tremendous passion for photographic equipment. Not being an overly zealous photographer himself, Mr. Collins managed to amass a collection of over 1800 cameras, lenses and accessories because he was fascinated by how they work.

The Collins Collection was accumulated over a thirty-year period and represents an interesting view into all things Leica. The Leica equipment dates from the late 1920’s to the late 1990’s with many examples of production bodies and lenses as well as pre-production prototypes (both bodies and lenses), cutaways and dummy models.
Additionally, the collection contains significant lots of Zeiss Ikon, Nikon, Rollei, Canon and Voightlander equipment dating from the same
time period.

James A. Lager, noted Leica historian and the author of authoritative volumes on Leica cameras, lenses and their accessories is acting as special consultant for the collection. Sherry Krauter, of Golden Touch Camera Repair, a highly regarded Leica technician is also acting as a consultant for the collection. If you would like to contact Sherry
for any service related estimate please e-mail her at or visit her website at

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