October 2004

Important Photographic Equipment
From the Private Collection of the Late James A. Collins, Jr.

October, 2004

James A. Collins, an American industrial engineer who lived most of his adult life in Asia had a tremendous passion for photographic equipment. Not being an overly zealous photographer himself, Mr. Collins managed to amass a collection of over 1800 cameras, lenses and accessories because he was fascinated by how they work.

The Collins Collection was accumulated over a thirty-year period and represents an interesting view into all things Leica. The Leica equipment dates from the late 1920’s to the late 1990’s with many examples of production bodies and lenses as well as pre-production prototypes (both bodies and lenses), cutaways and dummy models. Additionally, the sale contains significant lots of Zeiss Ikon, Nikon, Rollei, Canon and Voightlander equipment dating from the same time periord..

Leica was the focal point of Mr. Collins’s passion; he would purchase almost every example and variation of a camera model and/or lens and over time he accumulated most if not all the necessary accessories to go with that system. Being an engineer dedicated to system analysis, Mr. Collins appreciated the art involved in the Leica system and sub-systems in order to create their distinct unified machines.

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