September 2011

Important Photographic Equipment from the Estate of Arthur Keir and Other Owners

September 12 – October 3rd, 2011

Arthur Keir was a lifelong collector of camera equipment. As a teen he started as a photographer and then later became interested in the equipment itself.

From the Chicago area, he was one of the earliest members of the Leica Historical Society of America in the late 1960’s. During his travels, he was always on the lookout for that elusive piece and over the years built a substantial collection now offered here.

Highlights include a Leica MD Gray Hammertone with matching Visoflex, Leica Rim Set, Leica 72, several Leica 250 Reporters, War time stereo Elmar lens with special VIDOM, War-time engraved VIDOM, Leica I Model A with Hektor and two with Elmax and several black paint cameras and lenses.

Other highlights in the auction include the Leica ‘9/11 Memorial’ M7 Titanium camera made for John Botte, and a group of NASA cameras and lenses, some flight flown.

We have provided general condition reports and detailed photos on the offered camera equipment. All the cameras have been tested to see if they function but there is no guarantee of speed accuracy. All items are sold as is, so if you would like a more detailed report please let us know.

James A. Lager, noted Leica historian and the author of authoritative volumes on Leica cameras, lenses and their accessories is acting as special consultant for the auction.


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